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Age: 32; from BERLIN, Germany
Profile created on January 2020
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32 years old
1.65 meters (5' 5")
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Dark Brown
Some College
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Social Drinker
Attitudes are contagious is yous worth catching?
I'm inquisitive. Bad speller. Perceptive. Aristotle said "to perceive is to suffer" so I suffer. I posses a great capacity for tenderness but also anger, sorrow but also joy. I belive in the yin and the yang of things. Good is not possible with out evil, as hot is not possible without cold, tall without short, light without dark. joy without sorrow, contentment without strife.
I've been through the abyss and flown with the stars. Tasted the nectar and choked on the bile. Thought of death as a release and been glad to be alive.

I've a hard time making close friends but very much want too. I tend to hold others at bay until I know they are safe.

I've been hurt terribly and been shown great tenderness and compassion.

I sometimes get lonely but enjoy being alone.

I continually look for new expressions of god in my life.

I've lived in my car and have lived in a penthouse.

I love hot showers and bubble baths.

I yearn to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

I once was lead singer in a band in Hollywood.

I know a few chords on the guitar and like to play it when I feel melancholy.

I've recently been released from all committments and expectations of a long term relationship.

I manage money rather haphazardly.

I can talk about politics and religion without being offensive or offended.

Arrangement I am Seeking
I'm Seeking:
Hookup and Sugar Mommy
I Expect
Open - Amount Negotiable
Are defined by your wit, your speech, your insight, your empathy, your intuition, your dreams, your sorrows, your joys, your wonder, your wanderings.

You have seen a meaningful quote and memorized it.

You sometimes laugh out loud or weep when you read a particularly funny passage or a moving paragraph.

You are moved to tears by the poignant depiction of life in your favorite movies.

You've seen an adult film and found it arousing.

You enjoy belly laughs but find they a far too infrequent.

You own a pair of sweats and can wear them to the convienance store.

You own a tie can wear them with nothing else.

You comprehend that art imitates life.

You sing along with the radio or sometimes burst into song at work, at play, in the car, on a train.

You can quote a line from a Dr. Seuss book.

You discovered on your own that enola spelled backwards is alone. You enjoy words and their different connotations: always and all ways.

You believe that we are all going to go home regardless of how we've acted while away.

You know what I mean by the sentence above.

You understand that physical intimacy and emotional intimacy are two different things.

You can say hello and I love you in more than one language.

Someone close to you has died.

You understand that death is a part of life and embrace it.

You've forgiven your parents.

You like sushi!

PS: I am able to fly any where anytime, or you may come and visit me!
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