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While there are many dating websites catering to gay singles, tryhookup is the only website where gay and lesbian singles such as college students, struggling artists, single moms, aspiring actors or models, and that typical boy next door can find wealthy gay sugar daddies or rich gay singles for mutually beneficial relationships. We are the original and largest gay Hookup website. Our One Night Stand Male personals are 100% free for Twinks and Studs, join free now!


Gay sugar daddies are getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s not from the federal prosecutors unit either. Put your pre-conceived notions on the backburner, because it’s now becoming more acceptable than ever for young and attractive gay men to find Hookup support. The age of the Twink is starting to evolve into the age of the Gay Hookup/Twink Baby.


Young, attractive and ambitious gay men are catching on to the idea of finding a gay Hookup, especially with fresh job market concerns, and mounting career competition. With fewer social taboos limiting gay relationships, gay men are starting to venture outside of the typical craigslist hook-up.

Let’s face it, gay relationships have been marginalized as long as anyone can remember, so will this new type of gay dating help or hurt the gay rights and marriage equality causes? Michal Bundy, long-time server at a gay San Francisco Diner say’s the trend has been obvious in gay communities for decades, “It’s definitely ‘in’ to have a daddy, especially if you’re a hot, young twink”.

A quick browse through some of the gay Hookup profiles reveals some interesting trademarks. It seems like there are plenty of closet cases eager to fulfill their long held fantasies of being with a young gay stud. From married men to high-power corporate executives, gay sugar daddies are setting up discrete, no-strings-attached relationships with ambitious, young gay hopefuls.

Speaking on a personal note, as a young and ambitious gay man myself; I can say that dating to climb the social ladder is definitely more appealing than a simple, brute online one-night-stand. If I have the option of dating a rich and successful man who has all of the career connections I could dream of, as opposed to a quickie with ‘hotbootie23’, I’ll take the gay Hookup, please.

Even though I’ve passed up opportunities to have a Hookup in the past, I might be a little more open to looking for an ‘arrangement’ on a gay Hookup site. These sites are totally discreet, and you can browse “gay Hookup” or “One Night Stand male” profiles from around the world. I’m thinking about snagging an Italian Hookup, someone who can wine and dine me, buy me a hot new Italian wardrobe, and teach me the language of love all at the same time.

What intelligent, upwardly mobile young gay male wouldn’t want a free ride, or a push up? If the growing number of “One Night Stand male” profiles on Hookup websites is any indication, than not many. Indeed, the competition amongst gay sugar babes is growing thicker by the day on gay Hookup sites. Younger and younger stud muffins and sexy twinks are continually out-doing each other with clever and revealing profiles.

Your only gay and young once…and those wanting to exploit their twink-hood to the fullest are smarting up to the gay Hookup lifestyle.

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