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The 'Regimiento Húsares de Pueyrredón' currently serves as an armor regiment (the 'RCT No 10 Húsares de Pueyrredón') using its Revolutionary era uniforms in full regalia during formal parades.

Armament and tactics

Hussar armament varied over time. Until the 1600s it included a cavalry sabre, lance, long wooden shield and, optionally, light metal armour or simple leather vest. Their usual form of attack was to make a rapid charge in compact formation against enemy infantry or cavalry units. If the first attack failed, they would retire to their supporting troops who re-equipped them with fresh lances, and then would charge again. Polish heavy hussars were much more heavily-armed. Apart from the Polish sabre and the lance, they were usually also equipped with two pistols, a small rounded shield and koncerz, a long (up to 2 metres) stabbing sword used in charge when the lance was broken, and some with horseman's pick. Also the armour became heavier and with time it was replaced by shield armour. Unlike their lighter counterparts, the Polish hussars were used as a heavy cavalry for line-breaking charges against enemy infantry. The famous low losses were achieved by the unique tactic of late concentration. Until the first musket salvo of the enemy infantry, the hussars were approaching relatively slowly, in a loose formation. Each rider was at least 5 steps away from his colleagues and the infantry using still undeveloped muskets simply could not aim at any particular cavalryman. Also, if a hussar's horse was wounded, the following lines had time to steer clear of him. After the salvo, the cavalry rapidly accelerated and joined up the ranks. At the moment of the clash of the charging cavalry with the defenders, the hussars were riding knee-to-knee. Hussars of the Polish Commonwealth were also famous for the huge 'wings' worn on their backs or attached to the saddles of their horses. There are several theories which try to explain the meaning of the wings. According to some they were designed to foil attacks by Tatar lasso; another theory has it that the sound of vibrating feathers attached to the wings made a strange sound that frightened enemy horses during the charge. However, recent experiments carried over by Polish historians in 2001 did not support any of these theories and the phenomenon remains unexplained. Most probably the wings were worn only during parades and not during combat, but this explanation is also disputed. The Hussars of Central and Western Europe in the 18th and 19th century were typically armed with a curved sabre, one or two pistols carried in holsters at the front of the saddle and a carbine.


* 1st Hussars * 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) * The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) * Sherbrooke Hussars


* Gardehusarregimentet (English: Guard Hussar Regiment). Founded in 1762. Currently it is a mixed armour/infantry unit with seven battalions. In addition to its operational role, the Guard Hussar Regiment is one of two regiments in the Danish Army (along with the Den Kongelige Livgarde) to be classed as 'Guards'; in this case, the Guard Hussars perform the same role as the Household Cavalry do in the British Army. In mounted parade uniform the Gardehusarregimentet are the only hussars to still wear the slung and braided pelisse which was formerly characteristic of this class of cavalry.


Hussar (pronounced /həˈzÉ‘r/, /hʊˈzÉ‘r/, or (spelling pronunciation) /həˈsÉ‘r/; Hungarian: huszár, pronounced [huˈsaːr], plural huszárok; Polish: Husarz (heavy cavalry), Polish: Huzar (light cavalry); Slovak: Husár) refers to a number of types of light cavalry created in Hungary[1] in the 15th century[2] and used throughout Europe and even in America since the 18th century. Some modern military units retain the title 'hussar' for reasons of tradition. During the 18th and 19th centuries hussars were raised by a number of European armies as light horse.[3] A separate type of cavalry were the heavy hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.[4]

Eastern Europe

Although the Romanian cavalry were not formally designated as hussars, their pre-1915 uniforms as described below were of the classic hussar type. These regiments were created in the second part of the 19th century under the rule of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, creator of Romania by the unification of Moldova and Wallachia. Romania diplomatically avoided the word "hussar" due to its connotation at the time with Austro-Hungary, traditional sovereign or rival of the Romanian principates. Therefore these cavalry regiments were called "Călăraşi" in Moldavia, and later the designation "Roşiori" was adopted in Wallachia. (The word "călăraş" means "mounted soldier", and "roşior" means "of red color" which derived from the colour of their uniform.) The three (later expanded to ten) Roşiori regiments were the regular units, while the Călăraşi were territorial reserve cavalry who supplied their own horses. These troops played an important role in the Romanian Independence War of 1877 on the Russo-Turkish front. The Roşiori, as their name implies in Romanian, wore red dolmans with black braiding while the Călăraşi wore dark blue dolmans with red loopings. Both wore fur busbies and white plumes. The Roşiori regiments were distinguished by the different colours of their cloth busby bags (yellow, white, green, light blue, light green, dark blue, light brown, lilac, pink and light grey according to regiment). The Regimentul 1 Roşiori "General de armată Alexandru Averescu" was formed in 1871, while the Regimentul 4 Roşiori "Regina Maria" was created in 1893. After World War I the differences between the two branches of Romanian cavalry disappeared, although the titles of Roşiori and Călăraşi remained. Both types of cavalry served through World War II on the Russian front as mounted and mechanised units.


* 1st Airborne Hussars Regiment (or 1st Hussar Parachute battalion) : 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes (1er RHP). Founded in 1720, currently stationed in Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France. Formerly the "Hussards de Bercheny", after the founder, Count Bercheny, who was a Hungarian noble. French official website : * 2ème régiment de Hussards (2e RH) (2nd Hussar Regiment). Founded in 1735, currently stationed in Sourdun, Provins arrondissement. Traditionally called "Chamborant". * 3ème régiment de Hussards (3e RH) (3rd Hussar Regiment). Founded in 1764, currently stationed in Immendingen, Tuttlingen district, Germany. Part of the Franco-German Brigade. Formerly the "Hussards d'Esterhazy". * 4ème régiment de Hussards (4e RH) (4th Hussar Regiment). Founded in 1791, currently stationed in Metz. It should be noted that because of political upheavals, such as the French Revolution and the Restoration of 1815, the French Hussar regiments do not have the same historical continuity as their counterparts in some other armies. Hussard noir (black hussar) was the nickname of primary teachers in the Third Republic because of their black coat.

Further reading

* Radosław Sikora, Fenomen husarii * Bronisław Gembarzewski, Husarze. Ubiór, oporządzenie i uzbrojenie 1500 – 1775 * Zbigniew Bocheński, Ze studiów nad polską zbroją husarską in: Rozprawy i sprawozdania Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie. Kraków, 1960 * Marek Plewczyński, Obertyn 1531 * Romuald Romański, Beresteczko 1651 * Leszek Podhorodecki, Sławne bitwy Polaków * Szymon Kobyliński, Szymona Kobylińskiego gawędy o broni i mundurze * Janusz Sikorski, Zarys dziejów wojskowości polskiej do roku 1864 * Jan Chryzostom Pasek, Pamiętniki * Mirosław Nagielski, Relacje wojenne z pierwszych lat walk polsko-kozackich powstania Bohdana Chmielnickiego * Bitwa pod Gniewem 22.IX – 29.IX. 1626, pierwsza porażka husarii in: Studia i materiały do historii wojskowości, Warsaw, 1966 * J. Cichowski, A. Szulczyński, Husaria * Jakub Łoś, Pamiętnik towarzysza chorągwi pancernej * Brzezinski, Richard. Polish Armies 1569-1600. (volume 1) #184 in the Osprey Men-at-Arms Series. London: Osprey Publishing, 6, 16. * Brzezinski, Richard. Polish Winged Hussar 1576-1775. Warrior Series. Oxford: Osprey Publishing Ltd., 2006. * Hollins, David. Hungarian Hussars 1756-1815. Osprey Warrior Series. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, Ltd., 2003. * Klucina, Petr. (Illustrations by Pavol Pevny), Armor: From Ancient To Modern Times. Reprinted by New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1992, (by permission of Slovart Publishing Ltd, Batislava). * Ostrowski, Jan K., et al., Art in Poland: Land of the Winged Horsemen 1572-1764. Baltimore: Art Services International, 1999. * Wasilkowska, Anna. The Winged Horsemen. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Interpress, 1998. * Zamoyski, Adam. The Polish Way. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1996.

Heavy hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Initially the first units of Polish hussars in the Kingdom of Poland were formed by the Sejm (Polish parliament) in 1503, which hired three banners of Hungarian mercenaries. Quickly recruitment also began among Polish and Lithuanian citizens. Being far more maneuverable than the heavily armoured lancers previously employed, the hussars proved vital to the Polish and Lithuanian victories at Orsza (1514) and Obertyn (1531). Over the course of the 1500s hussars in Hungary had become heavier in character: they had abandoned wooden shields and adopted plate metal body armour. When Stefan Batory, a Transylvanian-Hungarian prince, became king of Poland in 1576 he reorganized the Polish-Lithuanian hussars of his Royal Guard along Hungarian lines, making them a heavy formation, equipped with a long lance as their main weapon. By the reign of King Stefan Batory the hussars had replaced medieval-style lancers in the Polish-Lithuanian army, and they now formed the bulk of the Polish cavalry. By the 1590s most Polish-Lithuanian hussar units had been reformed along the same 'heavy' Hungarian model. These Polish 'heavy' hussars were known in their homeland as husaria. With the Battle of Lubieszów in 1577 the 'Golden Age' of the husaria began. Down to and including the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the Polish-Lithuanian hussars fought countless actions against a variety of enemies. In the battles of Byczyna (1588), Kokenhusen (1601), Kircholm (1605), Kłuszyn (1610), Trzciana (1629), Chocim (1673) and Lwów (1675), the Polish-Lithuanian hussars proved to be the decisive factor often against overwhelming odds. Until the 18th century they were considered the elite of the Commonwealth armed forces.

Hussar Verbounko

Verbunkos (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈvɛɾbunkoʃ], other spellings are Verbounko, Verbunko, Verbunkas, Werbunkos, Werbunkosch, Verbunkoche) is an 18th-century Hungarian dance and music genre. The name is derived from the German word werben that means, in particular, "to enroll in the army"; verbunkos—recruiter. The corresponding music and dance was played during military recruiting, which was a frequent event during this period, hence the character of the music. The verbunkos was an important component of the Hungarian hussar tradition. Potential recruits were dressed in items of hussar uniform, given wine to drink and invited to dance to this music.

Hussars in the 18th century

Hussars outside the Polish Kingdom followed a different line of development. During the early decades of the 17th century hussars in Hungary ceased to wear metal body armour; and by 1640 most were now light cavalry. It was hussars of this 'light' pattern rather than the Polish heavy hussar that were later to be copied across Europe. These light hussars were ideal for reconnaissance and raiding sources of fodder and provisions in advance of the army. In battle, they were used in such light cavalry roles as harassing enemy skirmishers, overrunning artillery positions, and pursuing fleeing troops. In the late 17th and 18th centuries many Hungarian hussars fled to other Central and Western European countries and became the core of similar light cavalry formations created there. Following their example, hussar regiments were introduced into many of the armies of Europe. Bavaria raised its first hussar regiment in 1688 and a second one about 1700. Prussia followed suit in 1721 when Frederick the Great used hussar units extensively during the War of the Austrian Succession.[1] France established a number of hussar regiments from 1692 on, recruiting originally from Hungary and Germany, then subsequently from German speaking frontier regions within France itself. The first Hussar regiment in France was founded by a Hungarian lieutenant named Ladislas Ignace de Bercheny.[2] Russia relied on its native cossacks to provide irregular light horse until 1741. Recruited largely from Christian Orthodox communities along the Turkish frontier, the newly raised Russian hussar units increased to 12 regiments by the Seven Years War. Founder of the first Russian Hussar regiment was Ádám Mányoki also a Hungarian officer. Spain disbanded its first hussars in 1747 and then raised a new unit, the Espanoles Hussar Regiment in 1795. Denmark had hussars from 1762 and Sweden introduced this class of cavalry about 1756. Great Britain hired German hussars among their Hessian mercenaries and sent them to America to fight in the American War of Independence. Britain converted a number of light dragoon regiments to hussars in the early nineteenth century. The United Provinces raised its first Hussar regiment in 1784, and a second in 1787. During the French occupation from 1795–1813, there were a maximum of two hussar regiments. After regaining independence, the new Royal Netherlands Army raised two hussar regiments (nrs. 6 and 8). They were disbanded (nr. 8 in 1830), or changed into Lancers (nr. 6 in 1841). In 1867, all remaining cavalry regiments were transferred to hussar regiments. This tradition remains until this day.

Hussars in the early 20th century

On the eve of World War I there were still hussar regiments in the British (including Canadian), French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Romanian and Austro-Hungarian armies. In most respects they had now become regular light cavalry, recruited solely from their own countries and trained and equipped along the same lines as other classes of cavalry. Hussars were however still notable for their colourful and elaborate parade uniforms, the most spectacular of which were those worn by the two Spanish regiments, Husares de Pavia and Husares de la Princesa. A characteristic of both the Imperial German and Russian Hussars was the variety of colours apparent in their dress uniforms. These included red, black, green, dark and light blue, brown and even pink (the Russian 15th Hussars) dolmans. Most Russian hussar regiments wore red breeches as did all the Austro-Hungarian hussars of 1914. This rainbow effect harked back to the 18th century origins of hussar regiments in these armies. The fourteen French hussar regiments were an exception to this rule - they wore the same relatively simple uniform, with only minor distinctions, as the other branches of French light cavalry. This comprised a shako, light blue tunic and red breeches. The twelve British hussar regiments were distinguished by different coloured busby bags and a few other distinctions such as the yellow plumes of the 20th, the buff collars of the 13th and the crimson breeches of the 11th Hussars. Hussar influences were apparent even in those armies which did not formally include hussar regiments. Thus both the Belgium Guides (prior to World War I) and the Mounted Escort, or Blue Hussars, of the Irish Defence Forces (during the 1930s) wore hussar style uniforms. After horse cavalry became obsolete, hussar units were generally converted to armoured units, though retaining their traditional titles. Hussar regiments still exist today, in the British Army (although amalgamations have reduced their number to two only), the French Army, the Swedish Army (Livregementets husarer (Life Regiment Hussars)), the Dutch Army and the Canadian Forces, usually as tank forces or light mechanized infantry. The Danish Guard Hussars provide a ceremonial mounted squadron, which is the last to wear the slung pelisse.

Hussars of Frederick The Great

During and after the Rákóczi's War for Independence, many Hungarians served in the Habsburg army. Located in garrisons far away from Hungary, some deserted from the Austrian army joining that of Prussia. The value of the Hungarian hussars as light cavalry was recognised and in 1721 two Hussaren Corps were organized in the Prussian Army. Frederick II (later called "The Great") recognised the value of hussars as light cavalry and encouraged their recruitment. In 1741 he established a further five regiments, largely from Polish deserters. Three more regiments were raised for Prussian service in 1744 and another in 1758. While the hussars were increasingly drawn from Prussian and other German cavalrymen, they continued to wear the traditional Hungarian uniform, richly decorated with braid and gold trim. Frederick also recognized the national characteristics of his Hungarian recruits and in 1759 issued a royal order which warned the Prussian officers never to offend the self-esteem of his hussars with insults and abuses. At the same time he exempted the hussars from the usual disciplinary measures of the Prussian Army: physical punishments including cudgeling. Frederick used his hussars for reconnaissance duties and for surprise attacks against the enemy's flanks and rear. A hussar regiment under the command of Colonel Sigismund Dabasi-Halász won the Battle of Hohenfriedberg at Striegau on May 4, 1745, by attacking the Austrian combat formation on its flank and capturing its entire artillery. The effectiveness of the hussars in Frederick's army can be judged by the number of promotions and decorations awarded to their officers. Recipients included the Hungarian generals Pal Werner and Ferenc Kőszeghy, who received the highest Prussian military order, the "Pour le Merite"; General Tivadar Ruesh was awarded the title of baron; Mihály Székely was promoted from the rank of captain to general after less than fifteen years of service. While Hungarian hussars served in the opposing armies of Frederick and Maria Theresa there were no known instances of fratricidal clashes between them.

Hussars of the Napoleonic Wars

The hussars played a prominent role as cavalry in the Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815). As light cavalrymen mounted on fast horses, they would be used to fight skirmish battles and for scouting. Most of the great European powers raised hussar regiments. The armies of France, Austria, Prussia, and Russia had included hussar regiments since the mid-18th century. In the case of Britain four light dragoon regiments were converted to hussars in 1805. Hussars were notoriously impetuous, and Napoleon was quoted as stating that he would be surprised for a hussar to live beyond the age of thirty due to their tendency to become reckless in battle, exposing their weaknesses in frontal assaults. The hussars of Napoleon created the tradition of sabrage, the opening of a champagne bottle with a saber. The uniform of the Napoleonic hussars included the pelisse: a short fur edged jacket which was often worn slung over one shoulder in the style of a cape, and was fastened with a cord. This garment was extensively adorned with braiding (often gold or silver for officers) and several rows of multiple buttons. Under it was worn the dolman or tunic which was also decorated in braid. On active service the hussar normally wore reinforced breeches which had leather on the inside of the leg to prevent them from wearing due to the extensive riding in the saddle. On the outside of such breeches, running up the outside was a row of buttons, and sometimes a stripe in a different colour. In terms of headwear the hussar wore either a shako or fur busby. The colours of dolman, pelisse and breeches varied greatly by regiment, even within the same army. The French hussar of the Napoleonic period was armed with a brass hilted sabre and sometimes with a brace of pistols although these were often unavailable. A famous military commander in Bonaparte's army who began his military career as a hussar was Marshal Ney, who after being employed as a clerk in an iron works joined the 5th Hussars in 1787. He rose through the ranks of the hussars in the wars of Belgium and the Rhineland (1794 - 1798) fighting against the forces of Austria and Prussia before receiving his marshal's baton in 1804 after the Emperor Napoleon's coronation.

Latin America

In Argentina, the 'Regimiento de Húsares del Rey' was created in 1806 to defend Buenos Aires from the British 1806-1807 expeditions. After Revolution in 1810, it became the 'Regimiento Húsares de Pueyrredón' after its founder and first colonel, Juan Martín de Pueyrredón. In Peru, the squadrons of Hussars of the Peruvian Legion of the Guard were created in 1821 by General Jose de San Martin, from officers and troopers of the Squadron of "Hussars of the General's Escort", the former Squadron of Horse-Chasseurs of the Andes, which were included in the newly created army of the then recently independent republic of Peru. The 4th Squadron of the Hussars of the Peruvian Legion of the Guard was organized in Trujillo under the command of Peruvian Colonel Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente, and was named after "Cuirassiers" in 1823 and became into "Hussars of Perú" Squadron in 1824. It was renamed "Hussars of Junin" for its performance in 1824 at the Battle of Junin, which was one of the Spanish-Peruvian battles which determined the final defeat of the Spanish colonial rule. Hussars of Junin fought at the battle of Ayacucho on 9 December 1824, among the liberating forces commanded by Antonio de Sucre against the loyalist Spanish forces commanded by Viceroy José de la Serna. The heroic action of the "Hussars of Junín" Regiment as part of the Light Horse commanded by General José Maria Córdoba were victorious, the battle eventuating in the capitulation of the Spanish forces, affirming the final independence of Peru. For this heroic action the "Hussars of Junín" Regiment of the Light Horse was titled after Liberator of Perú with inscription on the regimental guidon.


The Dutch word for hussar is huzaar ([hʊˈzaːʁ]). * Regiment Huzaren Prins van Oranje * Regiment Huzaren Van Boreel (armoured reconnaissance) * Regiment Huzaren Prins Alexander (disbanded 2007) * Regiment Huzaren Van Sytzama Except for the Huzaren Van Boreel, every regiment operates in the armoured role in one of the two mechanized brigades of the Dutch army, using the Leopard 2 main battle tank. Each of these brigades also has a squadron from the Huzaren Van Boreel attached for reconnaissance. There is also a mounted unit for ceremonies: Cavalerie Ere-Escorte. It is linked to the Huzaren Prins van Oranje although riders from other regiments participate as well.


The 1st Cavalry, "Glorious Hussars of Junin Liberator of Perú" Regiment forms a personal mounted guard to the Peruvian President Alan García Pérez since 1987[12] and wear a stylized uniform of a red coat and blue breeches, that are supposed to have been worn in 1824. The hussars carry lances on parade, and mount a dismounted guard in the Government Palace of Perú.


Because the Polish word pancerny initially was used to denote both as a standard adjective meaning "armoured" and a Polish cavalryman lighter than the heavy hussar, currently most Polish armoured units are named "Armoured Cavalry" in reference to the hussar tradition of the Polish cavalry. Similarly, Polish aeromobile forces retain the traditions of 19th century light cavalry. * 11 Dywizja Kawalerii Pancernej of Jan III Sobieski * 6 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej * 9 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej * 10 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej * 15 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej * 34 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej


* Livregementets husarer (English: Life Regiment Hussars). Founded in 1667 when the Uplandian Cavalry were made into a royal guards regiment. Today Livregementets husarer, also known as K 3, is the last remaining hussar regiment in Sweden and trains one of the two special service units of the Swedish army: the parachute rangers.

The Hussar image

The colourful military uniforms of hussars from 1700 onwards were inspired by the prevailing Hungarian fashions of the day. Usually this uniform consisted of a short jacket known as a dolman, or later a medium-length "attila" jacket, both with heavy horizontal gold braid on the breast, and yellow braided or gold Austrian knots (sújtás) on the sleeves; a matching pelisse (a short-waisted overjacket often worn slung over one shoulder); colored trousers, sometimes with yellow braided or gold Austrian knots at the front; a busby (kucsma) (a high fur hat with a cloth bag hanging from one side; although some regiments wore the shako (csákó) of various styles); and high riding boots. European (but not British) hussars traditionally wore long moustaches (but no beards) and long hair, with two plaits hanging in front of the ears as well as a larger queue at the back. They often retained the queue, which used to be common to all soldiers, after other regiments had dispensed with it and adopted short hair. Hussars had a reputation for being the dashing, if unruly, adventurers of the army. The traditional image of the hussar is of a reckless, hard-drinking, hard-swearing, womanising, moustachioed swashbuckler. Arthur Conan Doyle's character Brigadier Etienne Gerard of the French Hussards de Conflans has come to epitomise the hussar of popular fiction - brave, conceited, amorous, a skilled horseman and (according to Napoleon) not very intelligent. Brigadier Gerard's boast that the Hussards de Conflans (an actual regiment) could set a whole population running - the men away from them and the women towards them, may be taken as a fair representation of the espirit de corps of this class of cavalry. Less romantically, 18th century hussars were also known (and feared) for their poor treatment of local civilians. In addition to commandeering local food-stocks for the army, hussars were known to also use the opportunity for personal looting and pillaging.

The hussars of medieval Hungary

A type of irregular light horsemen was already well established by the 15th century in medieval Hungary.[2] Etymologists are divided over the derivation of the word 'hussar'.[5] Many scholars believe the word that was passed into Hungarian by way of the Croatians originates from the Latin word 'cursus' meaning 'raid'.[5] According to Webster's the word hussar stems from the Hungarian huszár, which in turn originates from the Serbian husar or gusar, meaning pirate, from the Medieval Latin cursarius (cf. the English word corsair).[6] A variant of this theory is offered by Byzantinist scholars, who argue the term originated in Roman military practice, and the cursarius--a group of fast moving horsemen used for scouting or raiding—came to be called tsanarioi in Greek or the Armenian Chosarioi. [7] Through Byzantine Army operations in the Balkans in the 10th and 11th centuries, the word was thus reintroduced to Western European military practice after its original usage had been lost with the collapse of Rome in the west. [8] According to another theory, the word is derived from the Hungarian word of húsz meaning twenty, suggesting that hussar regiments were originally composed of twenty men.[5] Or the term huszár probably signified 'one in twenty' as selected for service by ballot.[9] The hussars reportedly originated in bands of Hungarian and Serbian warriors crossing into southern Hungary after the Turkish invasion of Serbia at the end of the 14th century. The Governor of Hungary, John Hunyadi, created mounted units inspired by his enemy the Ottoman Turks. His son, Matthias Corvinus, later king of Hungary, is unanimously accepted as the creator of these troops. Initially they fought in small bands, but were reorganized into larger, trained, formations during the reign of King Matthias I Corvinus of Hungary.[10][11] So the first Hussar regiments were the light cavalry of the Black Army of Hungary. Under his command the hussars took part in the war against the Ottoman Empire in 1485 and proved successful against the Turkish Spahis as well as against Bohemians and Poles. After the king's death in 1490, hussars remained the preferred form of cavalry in Hungary. The Habsburg emperors hired Hungarian hussars as mercenaries to serve against the Ottoman Empire and on various battlefields throughout Europe. The "father" of the US cavalry in 1777 was a Hungarian hussar named Michael de Kovats.

United Kingdom

* The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish) * The King's Royal Hussars * 60 (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars) Signal Squadron * Leicestershire Yeomanry (P.A.O) Presently, the first two regiments operate in the Armoured role, primarily operating the Challenger 2 main battle tank. The Hussar regiments are grouped together with the Dragoon and Lancer regiments in the order of precedence, all of which are below the Dragoon Guards. Although a Dragoon regiment, The Light Dragoons was formed by the amalgamation of two Hussar regiments, the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own) and the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars, in 1992. This marks a reversal of the trend during the mid-19th century when all light dragoon regiments then existing were converted to hussars. 60 (RBH) Sig Sqn is a Territorial Army unit within 36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment and was formed in 1999 from the 5th Battalion The Royal Green Jackets. is the premier Hookup dating website in Hussar, Alberta, Canada. On our website a Hookup is defined as a successful man (regardless of his age) who is generous and a gentleman who knows how to treat his One Night Stand. It is however important to note what a Hookup is not. A Hookup is not someone who offers gifts or money in exchange for sexual favors. That would be a John. And while sugar daddies are idolized in our society (think Hugh Hefner), John’s on the other hand are stigmatized (think ex-NY Governor Elliot Spitzer). Also, a Hookup does not refer to the candy we all know about. A Hookup is also not a singles by The Jackson 5, or a single by Nina Sky, or a song by the Badloves, nor it is a song from the off-Broadway show and film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Other terms for a Hookup include: benefactor, mentor, sponsor, champion, or supporter. On, there over 15+ sugar babies for every Hookup member. Unlike most online dating websites where members play games and beat around the bush only to be disappointed by the courtship dance. Hookup App has been named “Best Fishing Hole” in a recent article on the New York Times. The reason is because sugar daddies, sugar mommies and sugar babies understand they can be honest and up front about why they are here and what they are looking for. By being completely upfront, sugar daddies, sugar mommies and sugar babies are able to cut out the game to forge no-drama type relationships that are mutually beneficial to everyone. Sugar Daddie dating is also called benefactor dating, sponsor dating, or mentor dating. Unlike other Hookup dating websites such as,,, or the hundreds of other smaller Hookup copy-cats that pop up every other week, is different in that we do not use the term “Hookup” in our URL domain name. We are also the dating website to feature the most real people from Hussar, Alberta, Canada. Our website employs state of the art anti-fraud system to weed out fake profiles, spammers and scammers. We are also the only Hookup dating website that is actively redefining the meaning of sugar dating and the sugar lifestyle – that a Hookup isn’t an old rich man preying on younger women, rather he is a gentleman (irrespective of age) who wants to pamper someone beautiful. We are also the only website to make people understand that one doesn’t have to be a millionaire to be a Hookup or sugar mommy, and as long as you are successful, generous and have a disposable income, you too can be a Hookup or sugar mommy. features the only Hookup blog where issues related to Hookup dating are being discussed everyday by real sugar daddies, sugar babies and sugar mommies. Sugar babies, sugar babe, One Night Stand or sugar babes are all ways to refer to men or girls who are looking to be pampered by a Hookup or sugar momma. Sugar babies share a number of characteristics, they are all gorgeous, beautiful, attractive, sexy, hot, cute, pretty, sensual and personable. Sugar babes include aspiring actresses, aspiring models, girl next door, new graduates, college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, dancers, adult entertainers, adult film stars, playboy playmates, penthouse playmates, or single mothers. Sugar babes are also confident, smart, intelligent, capable, and they know what they want and how to work hard to get it. For their part, sugar babies add significant value to the lives of their sugar daddies or sugar mommas, and as such are pampered in return. ;

Either way, you will find a large customer base that is willing to engage in sexual encounters. columbus listcrawler Usually, the more expensive the membership fee, the better quality of escorte women will be on the list. You can use the money to spend more time with your partner. hot hookup com Developing a profile with them is effortless and quickly simply because the web site is straightforward to use and navigate. also caters to those looking for Millionaire dating. However, it’s important to note that one does not need to be a millionaire to be a Hookup. One does have to be wealthy man, rich man, successful man, generous man, upscale man, or established man. Of course, being a millionaire or a billionaire doesn’t hurt either, since money can help with the process of romance. Our website boasts hundreds of wealthy men, successful men, generous men, upscale men, established men, and men of substance who are seriously seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement in Hussar, Alberta, Canada. If you are looking to meet a millionaire, or singles who are likely to become a millionaire or billionaire, you may want to try using, where wealthy or beautiful singles meet each other. However, if you are only interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with a millionaire, you may want to try instead of a millionaire dating, millionaire personal, millionaire romance, millionaire love, millionaire matchmaker, millionaire match, millionaire introduction, or millionaire meet services. Millionaire matchmakers, such as or executive matchmaker, charge upwards of $20,000 and are overpriced. For $49.95, you can meet quality singles and millionaires without the use of such upscale matchmaking services with the same, if not better results. Be careful of millionaire dating websites that claim to be Hookup dating websites, such as,,, or – these millionaire dating websites are unsure what niche they represent. A millionaire dating website is not a Hookup dating website. They are very different. Millionaire dating websites are only for singles and are for those seeking serious relationships. Hookup dating websites on the other hand cater to both singles and married individuals seeking mutually beneficial / no strings attached arrangements. So what does it take to be classified a millionaire, or someone who is an established single, successful single, upscale single, executive single, wealthy single, or rich single? Obviously, wealth can be subjective just as beauty can be. However, if you are someone who has over $500k in net worth or if you make over $100k a year in annual income, it is fair to suggest that you are wealthy or have the pretty good chance of becoming a millionaire. Another qualification is if you are successful in your career and hold an executive position making over one hundred thousand dollars a year, including Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), President, Vice President, or General Manager. If you belong to such a group, the internet and more specifically and, offer you an unprecedented opportunity to meet and date gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, cute, attractive, sensual, hot or pretty singles, including but not limited to actors, actresses, models, aspiring models, aspiring actresses, girls next door, playboy playmates, penthouse playmates, dancers, adult entertainers, adult actresses, adult movie stars, artists, college freshmen, college sophomores, college juniors, college seniors or recent high school graduates. ;

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It assists you to enhance and personalize your service. The underlying technologies, approach, design and promoting are significant for an omnichannel retailer when it comes to customer practical experience. In actual practice, that is only achievable when you have a central view of the sales and your on the net and offline stock and cash registers are integrated. grizzly dating site If they have the masculine power and handsome look, then they can speedily get added than expected quantity of fuck buddies. Bareback international hookups, and meet an individual for online personals? Why pay for a toned body rubs, sex by way of private advertisements porn videos. But ads and chat for adult looking for males in southern california, house to hookup. But if you are looking to sample sex personals, swingers looking to doublelist gives pennsylvania adult and hookups dates. But although you may not be able to fully eradicate your possibilities of contracting an STI, practicing safer sex by means of the use of barrier methods can significantly decrease this threat . Given that 1957, GQ has inspired guys to appear sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and beyond. From award winning writing and photography to binge ready videos to electric reside events, GQ meets millions of contemporary men where they reside, making the moments that create conversations. Do anticipate him to get you at least to the door.He need to take you all the way out of the bed, out of the apartment/residence, and to the vehicle you are taking to get dwelling. If he doesn t, wait until you are out of his bed and then get on your cell and bitch about him to your mates. Do make a quickly getaway.I ve by no means heard a guy or girl complain that somebody left as well quickly, but I have heard each guys and girls complain that an individual stuck around also lengthy. free one night stand hook up Failing to confirm will lead to their account becoming permanently banned. People today using an old version of Kasual will be prompted to update to the newest version or they will not be able to log into their profile. In this way, Kasual and its 415,000 everyday active customers can be sure the people today they re flirting with are true, and have been mutually approved by the Kasual consumer service team. If you are worried about discretion when personals dating websites you might want to check out AshleyMadison. What ever your causes to want enhanced discretion, dating claim that they casual keep your details secure.

NSA is short for No Strings Attached, and usually referring to no strings attached relationships or no strings attached dating (NSA dating). Typically when someone says he or she is looking for a NSA relationship or NSA arrangement, that usually means they are not ready for commitment, to be tied down, and hence the relationship would likely not end up being serious or a marriage. What no strings attached does not refer to are: No Strings Attached ('N Sync album), an album by boy band 'N Sync; No Strings Attached (Meat Puppets album), a 1990 compilation CD by the Meat Puppets; No Strings Attached (Jassi Sidhu album); No Strings Attached, a comedy tour by comedian Carlos Mencia. NSA dating or no strings attached dating is one of the main focus of, and our website hosts more members seeking NSA relationships in Hussar, Alberta, Canada than any other online dating websites. Other commonly used terms in Sugar dating are - GFE which is short for Girl Friend Experience, and BFE which is short of Boy Friend Experience. While mostly an abbreviation used by Escorts and Johns, the term is also often used by those searching for intimate Hookup and One Night Stand relationships. Usually those looking for GFE dating are seeking NSA dating, and likewise those looking for BFE dating are seeking NSA relationships. GFE personals, BFE personals or NSA personals is one of the main focus of It appears that GFE can be an acronym or abbreviation for many different things. GFE can mean Good Faith Estimate, Government-Furnished Equipment, Grantmakers for Education, Graphical Forecast Editor, Google Front End (Google web server), Generic Front End, Gas Free Engineer, Group Format Error, Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung (German), Good for Everything, Groningen Fitness Test for the Elderly, General Fund Exempt, Go Fat Early, Grooming Fabric Edge. However, on tryhookup, GFE means Girl Friend Experience. The "girlfriend experience" generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers. Advertising a "girlfriend experience" is sometimes used by call girls to promote business. Please note that does not permit prostitutes or escorts from using our website, hence our definition of GFE and BFE is different. Here GFE and BFE means NSA – or no strings attached relationships. Something similar to this is shown in the Charles Bronson film, The Mechanic and the Burt Reynolds film, Sharky's Machine. A corresponding term (used to describe a client who acts as a lover instead of merely a participant in a commercial transaction) is "BFE" or "boyfriend experience." "PSE" or Porn Star Experience is where the service provider will sometimes allow photos or video to be taken or to act like a porn star for a client and the sex acts are un-covered (no condom). ;

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I was also disappointed in the notifications, which were a tad too pushy and out of touch for my taste. At the finish of the day, I have friends who ve had excellent matches on CMB, but it isn t my preferred app. With that in thoughts, here are the very best (and OK est) dating apps to try out. My suggestions are based mainly on my own dating app experiences as a lady. Whether you select a classic Card save the date or an animated Flyer save the date, it s uncomplicated to make your own. rub ratings atl Though these are just the essentials, a lot of couples also include things like an engagement photo, striking style, or a enjoyable, individual message like We can t wait to celebrate with each other! Zola can assistance you customize your save the date cards and match them to your absolutely free Zola wedding web site. Enjoy no cost shipping, absolutely free guest addressing, absolutely free envelopes, and, if your date changes, cost free alter the dates with all save the date and invitation purchases. No matter whether you go with our save the date cards or our save the date magnets, we make it as quick as probable to build and send your save your dates. After you have created the best save the date cards, you re ready to send to your guests! Questioning how to address save the dates? Though a casual encounter was par for the course for him in pre pandemic days, the constraints of COVID 19 produced him reconsider. She hasn t created a single penny from the web page however, she s just passionate about singles obtaining a constructive dating experience. The app launched at the end of last year by an all Christian group who had been disillusioned about trying to meet other Christians in the wild. In particular, the group behind Salt hope to make Christian dating a tiny significantly less awkward and a lot extra entertaining. craigslist creston iowa They can also comment on it, which makes initiating a conversation so significantly additional fascinating than on other dating apps. The females message 1st concept also combats those incessant creepy messages that ladies on dating apps are made use of to obtaining. Though the profiles are restricted and there s no key questionnaire, the guidelines laid out by Bumble make it a fantastic atmosphere to start out a long term partnership. Oh, and there s also an Astrology filter for the horoscope buffs. I was on Clover for very some time, but had since forgotten it existed till I started to compile this list. is the largest Hookup and One Night Stand discreet dating website and discreet personals in Hussar, Alberta, Canada. Discreet dating, discreet encounters, discreet affairs, discreet arrangement, discreet love, discreet relationship, discreet romance, or discreet girlfriend, are all secretive dating where participants are careful to avoid embarrassment since they are dealing with private matters requiring secrecy. The market for discreet dating is large, in fact there are services such as Alibi Network that is a full service discreet agency providing alibis and excuses for absences. In fact they advertise “Whether you are involved in discreet affairs or you are married and looking to spice up your relationship by spending time with your partner away from the everyday life, we have a solution for you.” Discreet dating may also be referred to as confidential dating, confidential relationship, confidential affairs, confidential romance, confidential mistress or confidential girlfriend. To be involved in discreet dating, one has to be extremely secret about it. Meeting in another small town; getting separate rooms in a large hotel; not letting on you know the person if you are at same event they are. In other words, short of having the odd "squeak between the sheets" you don't know each other out in public or at the workplace. Discreet dating sometimes occurs at the workplace when two people who are not supposed to get involved romantically did so. For example, in the case of an affair between a professor and his student, or a love affair between a boss and his secretary, participants need to keep their dating discreet so no one finds out. Check out the Hookup App Blog for more discussion on issues related to discreet dating in Hussar, Alberta, Canada. Advice you will find include the pros and cons of discreet arrangements, how to keep discreet relationships working, how to end discreet affairs, and how to make discreet dating work when one or both are married. One of the biggest problems with most discreet dating websites is that they do not screen for scammers or spammers, and as a result, users are often bombarded with spam from girls seeking customers for their discreet chat, or discreet webcam services. While adult chat or adult webcam services may be fun, it is not the type of discreet dating or discreet relationships most people are looking for. As such, we suggest trying, where all members are carefully screened, and hence you will always be meeting someone who is likeminded in their search for a discreet relationship, discreet affair, discreet encounter, or discreet adventure. ;

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You need to also note that Couples Dating is aspect of the AdultFriendFinder. skipthegames utah Attempt Karafun, which is free to download and offers you access to their library of over 28,000 karaoke videos. Park bedste 10 best absolutely free dating app is 1 of notable on the web. craigslist algona iowa You can also obtain tokens to send a priority message, highlight your profile or send a Super Yes to let one more user know you are extremely interested in them.

Married dating in Hussar, Alberta, Canada. About 40-50% of the sugar daddies on are married but looking, or are married seeking an extra-marital affair or a mistress lover. Unlike other married dating websites such as or or, does not exclusively cater to married dating or cheating arrangements. But, since an arranged relationship does sometime involve married people, it’s not surprising many who are married but looking use our website in search of their perfect discreet affair. Our founder is often asked by the Media if he supports extramarital affairs – his answer is that while he does not make any moral judgments, he notes that married dating isn’t for everyone. However, that said, does have 50-60% of single, divorced or widowed sugar daddies participating. It is also important to note that approximately 10-15% of members on a regular dating site, such as or are in fact married and looking, except they lie about their real married status. An affair is sometimes referred as a form of nonmonogamy, infidelity or adultery. Where an affair lacks both overt and covert sexual behavior and yet exhibits intense or enduring emotional intimacy it may be referred to as an emotional affair, platonic love, or a romantic friendship. Other terms that describes an affair, include discreet affair, private affair, office affair or a secret affair. An affair also may be referred to as sex with the opposite sex dramatically. Affair may also describe part of an agreement of an open marriage, such as swinging, which sanctions some forms of extramarital sex and and not others. When one of the non-sanctioned affairs occurs it is described as infidelity and often experienced as a betrayal both of trust and integrity. Also: emotional affair, infidelity, adultery, cheating, mistress (lover), friendship, platonic love, or romantic friendship. We have interviewed many married sugar daddies and married sugar babies, as to why they seek a married affair. The average married Hookup tells us he is bored, or that sexual passion no longer exist in his marriage, that having an extramarital affair or engaging in married dating is the only way he is going to be able to stay with his wife. Yet, other married Hookup claims having a discreet affair helps add spice to his married life, so all in all, married dating helps him stay in his marriage. The married One Night Stand usually has a different reason for engaging in such tryst. She still loves her husband, but is looking for fun on the side, or her extramarital arrangement allows her to help her family out financially. In a recent survey conducted by Harvard, over 60% of its alumni claimed to have had an extramarital affair at least once or have considered cheating while married. It seems married dating and discreet affairs are much more popular than we all think. If you are going to consider married dating in Hussar, Alberta, Canada, we suggest using for a number of reasons. On SA, members are able to have extramarital affairs without any strings attached. The last thing a person wants in a married dating scenario is to have one or more parties fall in love. An arrangement by its nature allows both parties to specify exactly what they look for in an extramarital affair, while avoiding the things they do not want – clinginess, attachment, or dependencies. Married dating is usually conducted as discreet affairs or secret affairs. Being discreet or secretive is what makes cheating all the more exciting, and one of the main reasons why many people engage in extramarital affairs or extramarital tryst. In addition, tryhookup provides many privacy and discreet features to allow cheaters the ability to keep their affairs secret. ;

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You build your personal profile and pick a chorus of loved ones who will swipe on your behalf. The app is meant to be a throwback to the days when close friends would repair every other up. Chorus also has a function known as Date Roulette, whereby you are paired with potential matches for five minute video chats. It is like speed dating without leaving your home. Some on line dating websites perform by handpicking matches for you. On the flip side, on some dating web sites, you have the liberty to search and connect to customers on the website. double list inland And thanks to apps like Bumble, women also make the initial move. On line dating web sites have turned the dating world upside down. But even though they ve been about for some time, their popularity skyrocketed when Tinder started its reign. Nowadays, if you want to discover the girl of your dreams, you have to up your game, and the very first thing you have to have to know is what are the ideal places to meet girls. Certain, it has its pros, but let s be sincere, a woman s touch is indispensable in a man s life. You can say that living as single is the ideal issue that s ever happened to you, but deep down, you know you are deluding oneself. If this describes the majority of your romantic life, I want you to open up your thoughts a little and start off searching at items a little differently from now on. Now that you have an all round thought of how to date and the rules that make it greater, it is time to throw in some terrific very first date tips. Whether it s about your previous, your educational background, function, or even your status in life, don t pretend to be someone you re not. Make sure that when you re obtaining a conversation, you appear into the other person s eyes. If you re looking away or hunting at your phone, it just looks dishonest. It does not matter if it s just five minutes, late is late, and it s a massive turn off. nh hook up We had some exciting and applied theERRC gridto 1st dates. The excellent news is that, with the ideal technique, you can prevent some of the much more prevalent pitfalls and anxieties. Going on a date will be something to appear forward to rather than dread.

Looking for a casual encounter in Hussar, Alberta, Canada? provides the largest selection of wealthy and gorgeous people in Hussar, Alberta, Canada looking for casual relationships, casual dating, casual arrangements, casual encounters, discreet encounters, casual sex, casual friendship, or casual affairs. Unlike other casual encounters website such as,,, or, is the only casual dating website to exclusively cater to wealthy and gorgeous people looking for a flirtatious fling. Casual encounters or casual sex, refers to certain types of sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship. The term is not always used consistently: some use it to refer to any extramarital sex, some use it to refer to sex in a casual relationship, whereas others reserve its use for one-time encounters (such as one night stands), promiscuity, or to refer to sex in the absence of emotional attachment or love (e.g., NSA or no strings attached relationship). Another term for casual encounters is a hookup which refers to casual sex activity. An extended hookup sometimes refers to prolonged instances of casual sex interactions. This is a situation in which the involved parties occasionally meet for casual sex multiple times, always without a long-term commitment. This is a casual relationship specifically for sex and without any emotional aspect. Other colloquial terms used to describe two people engaged in a relationship in which there is no emotional but purely sexual involvement are fuck buddies, one night stands, one night love, friends with benefits, and booty call. The reason so many people in Hussar, Alberta, Canada seek casual encounters vary from individual to individual. But is the best dating website for those wanting casual affairs and discreet encounters. Those seeking casual dating typically need extra excitement in their life. Originally, a one-night stand referred to a single night theatre performance, usually by a guest group on tour. Today, however, the term is more commonly understood as a single sexual encounter or casual encounter between individuals, where neither individual has any immediate intention or expectation of establishing a long-term sexual or romantic relationship. One night stands are commonly frowned upon in society because they have potential to ruin a person's reputation, it having the same negativity as adultery or fornication. Individuals participating in a one-night stand typically have not known each other long and have had minimal time to get to know each other before engaging in sexual activity. A one-night sexual encounter is not necessarily always a one-night stand; the crucial distinction is the expectation or intention that the relationship will not necessarily be extended beyond the initial sexual encounter. A one-night stand is differentiated from prostitution, as it takes place without direct payment of money and from a casual relationship, which may not initially involve sex and may continue long-term. A one-night stand can be thought of as an irregular and unplanned sexual encounter between individuals. The participants will usually have little or no contact with one another aside from sex. Thus it is possible to have multiple one-night stands with the same person, provided that there is no regularity to the encounters or planning involved in the casual encounters. However, where the people involved have a regular sexual relationship without romantic involvement, this is generally considered a casual encounter or casual relationship (also referred to using terms such as "no strings attached" or "friends with benefits" or a "fuck buddy"), and is generally considered distinct from the one-night stand phenomenon. ;

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These men and women addressed the predicament I stated and helped to me personally a lot to steer clear of any challenges. Henderson had been used - gay chat us Properly paid jobs and looking for extended term relationships. When it came time to find a photo of his private components for Michael to post on gay hookup app Grindr, an image of a prosthetic penis was considered. best dating app for utah But seeing the locked gallery of males who swiped correct on you is constantly tempting.

On, you will see the field “Desired Allowance” or “My Budget”. What is an allowance? Well, let’s start first by defining what an allowance is not. An allowance is not money in exchange for sex. That would be prostitution and is strictly forbidden on our website. An allowance is a term coined up by us to mirror the allowance a parent gives to their child or children. Since we use the terminology of a Hookup and a One Night Stand, the term allowance ended up being the perfect phrase suggesting the caring relationship between a “daddy” and a “baby”. The Hookup budget and the One Night Stand allowance has always been a matter for heated discussion and debate. But the budget or the allowance isn’t a cash payment. Rather it’s the disposable income the Hookup has, and that he is willing to spend each month on his sugar lifestyle, i.e., going out on dates, transportation, or helping his One Night Stand with her credit card bills, college tuition, utility bills, car loans, rent, etc. While there have been many successful arrangements forged on, we have also been told many horror stories of fake sugar daddies who promises his sugar babies the world, only to never be heard of again once he gets what he wants. So for the sugar babies who are expecting a rent free arrangement, or having her bills paid on time monthly, its important to work on your relationship with a Hookup first. A real Hookup who is a gentleman will not ask for sex on the first date, and if he does, he’s probably a John, not a Hookup. However, that said, it’s also important to note that many sugar babies aren’t really genuine sugar babies looking to find sugar relationships. The real Hookup is a gentleman who understands that intimacy comes after building trust, respect and mutual chemistry. The real Hookup has a real budget, i.e., real disposable income he can spend each month to pamper his One Night Stand. For those sugar babies out there, do be honest about what you are looking for. If you want some tuition assistance or someone to provide a scholarship for your college, say so, so the right college sponsor with the right budget can offer you an allowance for your college or provide you with a scholarship to complete your degree. If you want to have your rent paid, or to live rent free, then say you want a sponsor for your rent, or a benefactor who will pay your rent, then say so. The more straightforward about what you want, then the more likely you are to meet the Hookup who will give you what you desire. But the most important rule is to build friendship and trust first, and do not sleep with the potential Hookup on the first date or even on the second date. In fact, don’t even start a sexual relationship with a potential Hookup until he actually becomes a Hookup, meaning either pay two semesters of your tuition, signs an agreement to provide scholarship, or sign his name for a 6 months lease on your apartment. Similarly, we ask sugar daddies never to send money to any potential One Night Stand who asks for money up front. ;